Big presentations require thorough preparation including creating a slide presentation. But what is often overlooked are the little details. How will you transition to the next slide? How will you emphasize the most important parts of your presentation? Definitely, you need a laser pointer!

Best Presentation Laser Pointers

Here are the best 7 presentation laser pointers to be added to your presentation equipment checklist that you should consider buying:

1. DinoFire Wireless Presentation Clicker

If you are worried about compatibility issues, this plug-and-play DinoFire product is for you. Aside from being wireless to your convenience, both USB A and Type C devices and software systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android are compatible with this. In particular, popular laptop brands such as Macbook, HP, and Dell work perfectly as well.

More than being both a laser pointer and presentation clicker, you also get a maximum range of 98 feet which is farther than the usual brands. It uses red laser light that can be easily seen by your audience. 

Concerning other important features, its buttons can serve you different purposes: controlling volume, switching and transitioning slides, opening hyperlinks, and turning document or PDF pages, to name a few.

If you are looking for a professional device to match all your work put into a presentation, you should consider choosing this presenter from Logitech. Enduring many hours of usage, its battery life lasts up to 1,050 hours on presentation mode and up to 20 hours on laser pointer mode. All of these can be carried out by using two AAA batteries.

For tracking the performance of the battery, it sends silent vibrating alerts if it is running out of power.

It displays a green laser color that functions well whether or not the venue is well-lit or not. Pointing at the screen can be done even if you are over 100 feet away from it. This will not restrain you from moving around while presenting. 

Compatibility-wise, this works very well on any PC and laptop powered by Windows. 

You will surely fall in love with the design of this product from Amerteer. It is thin and made to be lightweight so that you can hold it easily and store it in your pocket without hassle. A slim docking bay for a USB-type receiver is also provided to connect it to your laptop. Luckily, this only requires a single AAA battery to work!

In addition, it can impressively sustain its job even if you are up to 39 feet away from your monitor. This means you can move around if you must! 

Offering you functional features, 4 buttons are accessible for different purposes: seamless switching of tabs or files, turning slides or pages, enabling fullscreen, and pointing at ideas that need to be emphasized.

Another wireless Logitech laser pointer made this list, highlighting its user-friendly features. It has buttons that control a slideshow. Its battery life can last for more than 20 hours on two AAA batteries, long enough to serve you for a few separate sessions. Range-wise, you can opt to move from time to time up to 50 feet away from the screen.

It is both a laser pointer and a presentation clicker. It features 2.4GHz RF wireless technology that no longer needs any software to be installed just to work. 

In terms of compatibility, Windows after Vista, including Windows 10, works very well with this laser pointer. It also has USB-type receiver plugs that most laptops have. 

If your concern is the efficiency of the design, Amerteer has its ergonomically correct product perfect for comfortable use without sacrificing quality. It is created as a finger ring that is slip-resistant and can be resized to fit your ring finger. This aims to prevent accidents during presentations that can damage both the device and your performance. 

It is wireless that can still work seamlessly when you are up to 36 feet away from your laptop. With five buttons, you can switch to the previous or next slide, open different types of files, and more. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems without the need to download any software updates.

Its red-colored laser is easily controlled in just a single click powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.

If you are into simpler versions of devices yet still able to deliver effectively, this device from Kensington got you covered. In size, it is 4 x 1.8 x 0.8 inches shaped into having curvy sides perfect for your palm. Simplified into having four buttons only, you can get the most basic and functional commands like playing and pausing videos.

The presentation clicker operates on 2.4GHz wireless connectivity that can be plugged directly into Mac and Windows systems using the provided USB receiver. You should not worry about downloading additional software as well. 

The 65-foot range gives you a huge space to move around during your presentation. Also, its red-colored laser pointer allows you to highlight any area of a slide that you want to underscore.

Different from the usual red color of lasers, Canon’s product made use of a different one that is capable of giving better performance. It uses green light which is eight times more powerful than others. This can effectively work even if you often move because of its 100-foot range. It is compatible with Apple and Microsoft systems, too.

Holding it is not a problem as it is designed to be lightweight. It also allows you to set alerts whenever you want to track the duration of your presentation displayed on its LCD screen. This is suitable for those who always have time-bound delivery of presentations.

Best Green Laser Pointer for Presentations

1. SMK-Link RemotePoint Jade Green Laser Pointer and Presentation Remote

Aside from Canon PR10-G Wireless Presentation Remote, SMK-Link RemotePoint Jade Green Laser Pointer and Presentation Remote is a good choice for a green laser pointer. It gives a very vibrant register of color green that can be seen on a screen.

Pointing at a screen is now made more efficient because of its 150-foot range. Thanks to its green-colored laser that works much better than red ones in terms of visibility.

2. Wireless Presentation Remote with Green Laser Pointer

Another great and budget-friendly option is Wireless Presentation Remote with Green Laser Pointer. This is extremely visible, has a 90-foot range, and works on any Windows and Mac computer.

3. PPTSLID - Wireless Presenter and Green Laser Pointer

The PPTSLID is a great budget-friendly option for a green laser pointer for presentations. It is compatible with Powerpoint and Google Slides and has a range of 100 feet.

Are green laser pointers better?

Yes, green laser pointers are better than the usual red ones because they have rich-colored beams. Even if you point it into the skies at night, the color is still visible, making this suitable for any presentation. It is also calming to the eyes because of the color’s vibrance.

Various colors of laser pointers are already available today like blue and violet. As much as the color red is considered classic, you should consider two more important factors: visibility and sight-friendly features. Fortunately, green laser pointers offer these to you for better presentations.

What color laser is most visible?

The most visible color is green at 555 nanometers. The majority of green laser pointers available to consumers discharge 532 nanometers of light (i.e., 88% as bright) which works just enough. In general, it is more visible to human eyes than the color red is capable of. 

Regardless of the lighting in the room, you can never go wrong with choosing green laser pointers as they adapt to any lighting conditions. This assures that everyone looking at the monitor can see what you are highlighting and pointing at.

For guidance, better consult an expert on laser pointers so that you can assure what to use. 

What to look for in a Laser Pointer?

Wondering what you should consider when choosing a laser pointer? Below is a list of the qualities worth taking note of:

1. Compatibility

Most of the best laptops available today operate on both Windows and Apple. Make sure that the laser pointer of your choice is compatible with the system software of your device. If you need to download specific software, consult tech experts first so that you can be guided upon buying.

How to set it up on your laptop should be considered as well. Whether it is a plug-and-play type or not, choose the one that provides you convenience, especially if you have many devices that you intend to use it on.

2. Power

Battery life is crucial to any device. Applicable to laser pointers, it should be long enough to sustain you during your presentation. When it comes to charging, assess if it is capable of fast charging as this can save you more time. Being able to easily check its battery level is a plus point, too!

3. Range

You need a laser pointer that can function well even if you move around where you are presenting. This requires a strong connection that should ideally work even if you are 30 feet apart from your laptop. 

The laser it projects should be bright yet sight-friendly enough so that you can emphasize some of the ideas in your slides. If it works well on a long-distance range, undoubtedly, it is an advantage!

4. Features

Aside from its main functions (i.e., for transition and pointing), you might want to evaluate the supplementing features it can offer. For example, having multiple buttons for extra navigation may be beneficial to you. The color of the laser can also be a deciding factor as not all are equally sight-friendly.

5. Design

You should be comfortable enough when you are holding a laser pointer. Evaluating its design fit to your liking must be a priority. Perhaps, you may look into its ergonomic form that should afford you comfort without sacrificing efficiency.

Size, weight, and color should not be neglected as well. Pick one that is big and lightweight enough for your hands because you will hold it during the entire presentation. Do not forget to choose the best color suited to your taste, too.

Final Thoughts: Best Presentation Laser Pointers

Apart from the key elements of effective presentation skills, considering what laser pointer to use should not be overlooked. It can make or break your presentation. Thus, be careful of choosing the right one that fits all the things you are looking for. 

The best presentation laser pointers in this article can guide you in choosing the perfect one for you. If you ever decide to get one, maximize its use. After all, laser pointers are meant to be used to better communicate with your audience.

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