Growing up, most people struggled with public speaking. It's perfectly normal if you're one of them; no one appears to start out as an expert in any field. If you have public speaking anxiety, whether you are presenting to a small or large group of people, the feeling can be terrifying. Public speaking anxieties, like any other, can be treated and overcome. It just takes the right amount of courage and perseverance.

There are numerous ways and methods to accomplish this, one of which is Virtual Reality (VR). When you hear the term VR, you probably think of the VR games that have become popular since the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But what is truly fascinating is that you can overcome your public speaking apprehensions by using VR for public speaking.

Have you ever asked yourself "Does VR help with public speaking"? This article will go over virtual reality (VR) for public speaking and why you need it if you struggle or would like to improve your public speaking skills. 

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a form of computer-generated simulation that replicates an environment, real or imagined, and simulates a user's physical presence in this environment.

Does Virtual Reality help with public speaking? Does it decrease anxiety levels before the event? Does it improve your performance on stage? These are all questions that many business owners have been asking themselves lately as they explore what VR has to offer.

Without VR: Typical Ways to Practice Public Speaking

Perhaps we are someone who has developed strong presentation and speaking skills from the traditional, age-old methods (Which is fine!). There are as follows:

  • Practice in front of a mirror
  • Speak in front of peers
  • Hiring a coach
  • Ask for presentation Feedback 

The above actually work! But perhaps because of the COVID19 pandemic or other factors, speaking in front of peers or working with a coach in person has not been a possibility. Or maybe, you still are able to participate in these methods but you lack a high volume of opportunities to sharpen your skills through presentations or speaking engagements.

Below, we are going to consider if VR for public speaking works and if so, are there any benefits.

Does VR Help With Public Speaking?

You already know what VR is and the common methods of evaluating our speech, which can sometimes be deemed ineffective. Now, how does virtual reality work for public speaking? What are their benefits? 

It is highly effective to practice public speaking in front of many people. You can't, however, do it all the time. You cannot simply ask a large group of people to observe your speech and evaluate you. This could be very distracting for them. The good news is that virtual reality for public speaking can do this for you while causing no harm to others. Furthermore, it has many more advantages than usual methods of practicing your speech. 

VR for public speaking gives you the impression of being truly present inside virtual reality. It gives you the exact feeling and tension that you would feel if you were speaking in front of a real audience for the speech. If you are nervous about speaking in front of a large group of people, you can practice at home using VR. This may make you nervous, but that's what makes it interesting. Public speaking can be scary at first, but becoming an expert in public speaking becomes natural and easy once you get used to it. 

Does VR help with public speaking? VirtualSpeech Is Proof!

VirtualSpeech is a multi-award winning Virtual Reality Speech Training Program that allows you to practice your public speaking skills in a virtual environment.

The benefits are listed below:

1. Virtual reality allows you to practice in a safe environment

As previously stated, VirtualSpeech allows you to practice in front of hundreds of people in a large conference room. Wearing a headset and hearing the same sound inside the large conference room is also part of it. This can help trick your brain into thinking you're in front of an audience, delivering your speech. This will be a thrilling experience, especially if you are afraid of public speaking. In the virtual world, you can feel as if you are being watched directly in the eyes of real people.

2. Practice whenever you want

In reality, expecting a large crowd to watch you practice delivering a speech inside a large conference room is unlikely. You can't always ask other people to watch you, dress professionally, and act as an audience whenever you want feedback on your speech.

However, you can practice whenever and wherever you want with VirtualSpeech. If you want to do it every day before your speech day, do it without hesitation! This factor is critical when rehearsing your speech because consistency is always one of the keys.

3. First-hand experience

When most people try the VirtualSpeech VR app, they are surprised at how real everything appears. Not only is the environment audible, but so is how the audience moves and acts, including winking, coughing, and other noises.

You can also select from various rooms, including small meeting rooms, conference rooms for hundreds of people, TED-styled theaters, and much more. This will undoubtedly provide you with an extraordinary experience as you practice your speech and reduce your anxiety when the big day arrives.

4. Accurate feedback

The advantages of VirtualSpeech do not stop with how you feel the thrill and excitement; it also has the feature of accurately receiving feedback. After all, when you're in front of a large group of people, you need feedback. Public speakers are always interested in what their audience thinks of their speech. Your delivery is accurately analyzed in VirtualSpeech, including the pace, pitch, eye contact, filler words, etc. These are all important criteria for determining the effectiveness of public speaking! You can get this feedback as soon as you finish practicing. You can use these comments and suggestions for improvement at your next rehearsal.

5. Track your progress

Does VR Help with Public Speaking: Track Progress

Once you have received feedback from rehearsing your speech, it will be saved inside the app for you to monitor and track over time. This will show you which aspects need to be improved. Furthermore, your progress over time keeps you motivated and inspired that you are on the right track. Overcoming public speaking anxiety does not happen overnight; it takes time and effort to see results.

6. Make and load in your own presentation slides

If your public speaking requires a slide presentation, this is not a problem within VirtualSpeech. You can create and load your own presentation slides, then practice them in various virtual rooms. This will enhance your experience and make it more realistic because you and your slide presentation will be able to enter the virtual world!

7. Upload your speeches for feedback

You can also upload your speech to the VirtualSpeech team if you want a more detailed analysis and feedback on it. As usual, you have to deliver your speech, then press the 'Analysis' button, 'Stop,' and 'Upload for Feedback.' The team's collaborative efforts will undoubtedly assist you in excelling in public speaking as they provide detailed feedback on your performance.

8. Scenarios for practicing your speech

Does VR help with public speaking? VR Scenarios

When you enter VirtualSpeech, you can select from various rooms based on the speech you are rehearsing. Whether for a classroom, mini-courses, TED theater rooms, an interview, a conference room, or anything else! This will allow you to adapt to the real world without being physically present in the actual speech venue. As a result, you will have little to no anxiety when you walk onto the stage.

Does VR Help With Public Speaking? Final Analysis

There is no doubt that practicing your speech or presentation in VirtualSpeech is enjoyable. Aside from feeling the exact tension and excitement in the comfort of your own home, practicing in this manner can greatly enhance your skill in various ways.

The first step toward becoming an expert in public speaking is to do what scares you the most. If speaking in front of a large group of people frightens you, use VirtualSpeech to train yourself to overcome that fear. If practice makes perfect, VirtualSpeech is the best way to practice and overcome your fears!

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