Many public speakers have found success in their chosen fields by putting their skills to use. Even though many people dislike public speaking because they are afraid of it, it is impossible to deny that it has numerous societal benefits. It can help with career advancement, critical thinking, leadership, creativity, professionalism, and various other things.

Do you want to be a public speaker? It's a great job! You get to share your ideas and thoughts with the world and help people learn and grow. But how do you get started in this career? It can seem daunting, but it's not impossible. In this blog post, we will give you 7 tips from professional public speakers on how to get a public speaking job. Keep reading for helpful advice on networking, marketing yourself, and more!

But first, let's answer the following question:

Can Public Speaking Be A Career In The First Place?

Being an expert in public speaking is essential, and you must be confident to put yourself in the spotlight. Your analytical and critical thinking abilities should also be applied to your public speaking. A public speaking career is ideal if you enjoy entertaining, educating others as a showman, a crowd-pleaser, and have the gift of gab. Because public speaking is something that over 70% of the population fears per the National Social Anxiety Center, there is no doubt that being good at it can be extremely profitable.

You can earn money in various ways, and public speaking provides numerous opportunities. There are numerous careers available today that focus on public speaking as the primary goal. Why not turn your talent into a career that will allow you to pay your bills? That is entirely possible!

But let's focus on the following:

How To Get a Public Speaking Job: 7 Tips

So, how does one get a job as a public speaker? An oversimplification is, they gradually trained themselves until they were experts in that field. But here are 7 Pro Tips:

Tip #01: Network, network, network

One of the best ways to get a public speaking job is to network with other professionals in the field. Attend industry events, meet-ups, and conferences. Get connected with people who can help you advance your career.

How to get a public speaking job: Network

Tip #02: Start small

Don't be afraid to start small. You may not be able to land big gigs right away, but that's okay! There are plenty of opportunities for smaller speeches and presentations. Start by offering to speak at local events or meetings. As you build your resume and experience, you'll be able to tackle bigger jobs.

Tip #03: Market yourself well

It's important to market yourself as a public speaker. Make sure you have a strong online presence, with a website and social media profiles. Showcase your skills and experience, and highlight what makes you unique as a speaker.

Tip #04: Be prepared

One of the most important things to remember when pursuing a public speaking career is to be prepared. Do your research, develop your ideas, and practice your speeches. The more prepared you are, the better impression you will make on potential clients or employers.

Tip #05: Stay positive

It can be tough to break into the public speaking world, but don't give up! Keep practicing, networking, and promoting yourself. Stay positive and believe in yourself. With hard work and dedication, you can achieve your goals.

Tip #06: Get professional help

Don't be afraid to get professional help when starting your public speaking career. There are many resources available, such as speech coaches or writing consultants. They can help you develop your skills and give you the edge you need to succeed.

Tip #07: Seek out opportunities.

The best way to get started in public speaking is to seek out opportunities. Look for events and conferences that interest you, and offer to speak at local schools, businesses, or organizations. The more experience you gain, the better prepared you'll be for bigger jobs. Follow these tips and pursue your dream of becoming a successful public speaker!

What Jobs Can You Get As A Public Speaker Or At Least A Job That Includes It?

1. Media Spokesperson

Your job is to relay messages from one party to another on behalf of a specific group of people. Celebrities and politicians are the most common people who require a spokesperson. Their hectic schedules may prevent them from appearing in the media; as a result, they require someone to respond to interviews and queries on their behalf. The role of the spokesperson is critical because every statement you make has something to do with the other person.

Large organizations and businesses may also require a spokesperson at some point. If your client is a business or organization, you should be well-versed in their values and goals because you will be the public voice.

You will spend plenty of time making announcements and answering questions in front of large crowds and cameras. It is also your responsibility to possess and maintain your client's image in the best light possible. The job of a spokesperson is not easy; to effectively convey the message from your client to the audience, you must be an expert in public speaking.

Per Glassdoor:

Average salary: $52,000

Related job titles for a Media Spokesperson:

  • Corporate Communications Manager: Average Salary $94,356
  • PR Specialist: Average Salary $51,522
  • Public Information Officer: Average Salary $68,683
  • Public Relations/Communications Specialist: Average Salary $55,507

2. Professor/Teacher

We are all familiar with the job of a professor or a teacher. Whatever subject you want to teach, public speaking is the main capital if you want to help educate. In terms of profession, public speaking and teaching cannot be separated. In this role, you will interact with various students, professors, and even parents. Aside from speaking, one of the professor's most important responsibilities is to write a comprehensive lesson for the students.

Being a college professor is more difficult than you think; it is where you can express yourself creatively in public. Remember that even the most stoic college student can be swayed by an effective college professor's choice of words. Furthermore, your ability to communicate effectively is essential. If communication is ineffective, then you as a teacher seem to be ineffective.

Being a professor necessitates expertise in public speaking and in the subject area in which you specialize. When students ask questions, you must always be prepared to respond for them to fully comprehend the lesson.

Average salary: Highly Varied

3. Speechwriter

True, public speaking is not required for work as a speechwriter. Still, they prefer those with public speaking experience when looking for a speechwriter.

The primary reason for this is that people must understand the science of capturing an audience's attention. This includes giving an inspiring speech and then leaving your audience in awe. In other words, being a speechwriter is not an easy task.

Hence, speechwriting is just one of the fantastic opportunities when you are exposed to public speaking. There is a greater chance for you to get hired as a speechwriter when you are an expert in public speaking! 

You can read the article on ‘How A Speaker Can Become A Speechwriter’ for more information. 

Average salary: $49,000 –(Average $87,915)-$158,000

4. News Anchor

When you enjoy public speaking, one of the best jobs you can get is as a news anchor. You, like the Spokesperson, will be delivering the news in front of the media and cameras. The only difference is that you are not speaking for the company; rather, you deliver a message to keep people informed. Many things can happen in a day, so being a news anchor requires you to stay up to date and always be prepared to speak in front of a camera.

As a News Anchor, your appearance on television and social media will be seen by thousands to millions of people. When it comes to global news, you are almost always being watched by the entire world. This job does necessitate excellent public speaking abilities. Your primary responsibility is to deliver concise, relevant, and accurate news on every broadcast.

Average salary: $30k –(Average $53k)-$94k

How To Get A Public Speaking Job: Be a News Anchor

5. Politician

We are all familiar with a politician's job, and it is nothing new to us that they frequently speak in public. From the first campaign speech to gaining a seat in government, they need to speak. You can do a lot for your career if you have strong public speaking skills.

Being in the legislature, for example, entails passing laws and engaging in extensive debate on a specific issue. Thus, the ability to speak in public is required.

Average salary: Highly varied

7. Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker's primary goal is to motivate people. It can be one of the most entertaining careers! You can change many people's lives simply by using your energy, charisma, voice, and public speaking skills. You must ensure your overall speaking ability as a motivational speaker. It should not disappoint the people but rather encourage them to persevere like for example, Tony Robbins.

A motivational speaker is a good choice if you have excellent public speaking skills and can put your heart into your message to motivate others.

Average salary: $40k –(Average $56k)-$81k

8. Entertainers

Comedians, actors, hosts, and theater artists are examples of entertainers. If you've ever seen an entertainer, you'll know that public speaking is what got them there. The job of an entertainer is more difficult than you think; you must have excellent public speaking skills and an engaging personality.

Working as an entertainer requires a lot of confidence; you can't entertain people if you're not confident enough to make them smile.

Average salary: Highly Varied

9. Speech coach

Being a speech coach necessitates brilliant public speaking abilities rather than simply being good at it. Remember that it is one of your responsibilities to teach someone else how to be a better public speaker. If you haven't had enough experience with public speaking, there's a slim chance you'll be able to help someone else.

You must always understand your client's situation and why they require speech coaching. Speech coaches will provide detailed feedback on how to improve your gestures, stage your talk, vocal variety, and pronunciation.

Average salary: $45,467 - $70,284

10. Lawyer

In one of my previous articles, 'Can You Be A Lawyer Without Public Speaking?' we discussed how public speaking skills are not required to become a lawyer. However, excellent public speaking skills are unquestionably advantageous in this career! Public speaking is required if you want to specialize as a litigation lawyer.

You must speak clearly and persuasively, and you must understand how to defend your client using the pertinent laws. Being a lawyer entails more than just giving a speech; you must also be prepared to answer a slew of questions in court from both the opposing party and the judge. As a result, your research and critical thinking skills will be used in this field.

Average salary: $59k –(Average $121,980k)-$250k

How To Get a Public Speaking Job: Bottom Line

Determining your career in public speaking brings you to the essential question "Why do I want to choose this field?" Aside from being good at it, you should have a passion for a specific area so that you can genuinely inspire your audience. Always know that there are lots of great opportunities for you, choose what suits you best! 

For more resources to develop your public speaking skills while you are in the comforts of your own home, please check the articles Online Resources for Public Speaking and Where Can I Learn Public Speaking


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