It is safe to say that technology has had a major impact on all of our lives. It touches every aspect of it. We use technology in our personal lives, with our education, and professionally. During this pandemic, it has become even more of a lifeline. 

Technology has also had a major role when it comes to oral and written communication. It has brought about many benefits in more ways than some could have ever expected. Over the years, technology has continued to advance. Due to its ever-evolving transformations and improvements, we are able to communicate in a way that those who lived in the past could not have ever dreamed of. 

As a public speaker, speechwriter, business owner, student, or really anyone, you no doubt appreciate the way technology has improved. Technology has opened an incredible doorway to communication. There are so many tools that we have at our disposal to improve the way we communicate.

In the article, we will discuss the role of technology in oral and written communication. We will also discuss some of the software that makes communicating our ideas and projects easier and more efficient. 

The Role Of Technology In Oral And Written Communication

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Technology has a tremendous role in communication by making it easier, quicker, and more efficient. Mobile phones, laptops, desktops, and the internet have become the basic necessities of life. 

Since technology has continued to progress, it has reconstructed the way we communicate. Locations in the world that were once far off with little means of communication are now reachable within seconds. Below you will find some in-depth ways in which technology has had a role in oral and written communication.

The Role Of Technology In Written Communication

The role of technology has made written communication so much easier. This has brought much joy to speechwriters. Although speechwriters still have a weighty responsibility, technology has lightened their load. There have been several tools that have been developed but two stand out as especially incredible and useful. Let’s take a deeper dive into those two tools and their benefits.

1. Grammarly 

Grammarly is an excellent tool that has been specifically designed to enhance written communication. Having good grammar skills is essential however, sometimes even the best of us make a mistake or two from time to time. Grammarly gives users that extra padding of reassurance that we need to make sure that our speeches, emails, memos, proposals, final papers, and so forth are being submitted error-free. 

This written communication tool uses artificial intelligence to scan your work to make sure there are no errors. This enables you to check your speech or presentation slides for any errors to save yourself from the much-dreaded feeling of embarrassment when an error is exposed by a colleague or classmate in front of others. 

Benefits Of Using Grammarly:

  • Grammarly is a writing assistant that reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and delivery mistakes
  • Offers insightful tips and suggestions
  • Provides a step-by-step guide that will help you structure and write the perfect speech
  • Improves word choice and style by using context-optimized suggestions
  • Identifies mistakes and provides practical solutions. Additionally, you will also be informed of the reason why it's considered a mistake
  • Detects Plagiarism

2. Jasper AI (Formerly Jarvis) 

Jasper AI is another excellent tool that will help expedite your writing process. Jasper AI technology enables you to produce the finest, high-quality content. Since Jasper AI technology is so versatile it is an indispensable aid to speechwriters, bloggers, business owners and the list goes on. 

Benefits Of Using Jasper AI:

  • Reduces the amount of time that you will spend writing
  • Detects plagiarism and uses an intricate algorithm system that reviews and compares phrases that you have chosen to use against content written by others
  • Speech to text transcription. This is great, especially if you do not have time to write down everything that you would like. You can simply speak, and your words will instantly convert into a written format
  • Gives you the ability to choose the tone of voice you want your content to be in. This is especially helpful when it comes to speechwriting. Some speeches will need to have an authoritative tone, while others require a lighter and more inspiring tone 
  • This tool can read and write in over 25 languages
  • Provides various templates for different types of writing 
  • Incredible “Explain it to a child feature.” This feature is great, especially if everyone in your audience is not a native speaker. With the help of this feature, they will still be able to benefit from the message you are delivering. They will appreciate you so much more as a speechwriter because you took them into consideration. Also, when you keep things simple, everyone in your audience will benefit 
  • Extends the length of short sentences to make them more interesting and appealing to those listening
  • If you have a speech to write and you are not sure where to begin, Jarvis AI can start your speech off with a story, question, etc.
  • Jasper can create an outline for you and then breakdown your topic into smaller subtopics and subsections 
  • Creates thought-provoking questions to help your audience really think deeply about your topic 
  • Converts paragraphs into lists. This makes it easier to read if you must glance down at your notes quickly   

However, don't just take our word for it, please read the reviews for yourself. Feel free to sign up for a free trial with 10,000 words written by a Robot!

The Benefits Of Technology In Oral Communication:

The role of technology in oral communication has also had a major impact. The ongoing advancements have made connecting with others easier than ever. You can hold a meeting, give a speech or presentation from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world. Below you will find more detailed ways in which technology has influenced oral communication. 

Faster Communication That Is Also Reliable With No Barriers

In the past, in order to send a message, you would have to send a physical letter through the mail. Once sent you would have to wait several days for it to get there and then receive a response. Sometimes that oh so important response never came because unfortunately your message was lost in the mail. 

Fast forward to now and everything is different. Thanks to technology you have tools readily at hand that can connect you audibly and you can make video calls immediately. For those times when real-time communication isn't crucial or possible, you can still leave messages by means of writing an email or a text message. The recipient can receive these messages any time of day and you can receive a response quickly and reliably. You do not have to worry about those electronic messages getting lost. However, if for some reason the recipient doesn’t receive the message you can simply just resend them.

Communicate And Connect With A Larger Audience

You have the ability to communicate with a large audience without traveling to meet them physically. Instead of being limited to giving a presentation to just your coworkers in your office, you can set up a virtual conference where staff members located in various areas around the world can watch and interact with you in real-time. 

Social media also provides you the opportunity to communicate your message to a large audience by posting it, using blogging websites, creating a website for yourself, your business, or simply for a hobby that you enjoy.

Elevated Productivity At Lower Costs

Because of the advancements made in technology, we now can communicate both orally and in written format with an interchange of sharing and receiving information with minimal cost. 

In the past, companies and organizations would have to pay for a plane ticket along with other travel costs to visit a faraway contact to talk. Now you can use voice, text, or video communication with no travel time needed. You can travel to the other side of the world from the comfort of your office or home office within seconds. This makes giving presentations and public speaking more convenient. 

Presentation Software That Has Had A Major Role In Oral And Written Communication

Over the years there have been several software presentation tools designed to make public speaking and giving presentations easier. Some have stood the test of time and come very highly recommended. Below you can find some of the top presentation software that has made oral and written communication easier.


Canva is easy to use, and it automatically saves all your designs. It offers multiple high-quality templates and fonts for you to choose from to create the perfect design. It is essential for business teams to be able to work and collaborate on projects together. Canva allows you to do. It enhances your beautifully crafted words by adding something equally beautiful to visualize at the same time.


Visme is web based but it to also runs offline. This comes in handy because it allows you to work on your presentation from anywhere. It helps keep your information organized whether you work solo or as team. It also provides easy to use editing features.

Presentation Technology Tools: Visme


PowerPoint is a simple tool that helps make your speeches so much more powerful. Many people are visual learners. When you combine what you say verbally along with this visual presentation the audience can put all the pieces together. PowerPoint also makes your job easier because you can break down complex subjects into more absorbable text. With a simple click of the mouse, you can transfer from slide to slide.

Google Slides

Google Slides is a completely free-to-use presentation application. You can collaborate with others in real-time to produce slides within the same document. Google Slides is also web-based so all that is needed is a stable internet connection. For added security, your slides are automatically saved. You can also choose to have them saved to the cloud. It has an offline mode feature so no service, no worries. is a great tool that will enhance the quality of your written commutation when it comes to giving a presentation. It automatically edits your presentation based on the highest quality design principles that have been generated and recommended by professionals. All the features combined with your expertise will guarantee that your presentation will appeal to all in your company. It is also cloud-based, which is an added bonus. 

To The Role Of Technology In Oral And Written Communication: Important Factors

Although the use of technology has been extremely helpful in the way we communicate with others there are some factors that have also hindered the way we communicate with others. Examples of this can be found down below: 

  • Potential higher risk for misunderstandings- even in regular day-to-day, face-to-face conversations there are misunderstandings. Sometimes things just get lost in translation. When communicating by means of text, email, etc. there is greater room for confusion and things to be misinterpreted. This can be caused for several reasons including typos and misinterpreted intentions
  • Less face-to-face communication. Since meetings, conferences, and even classes can be held virtually, that does bridge the gap. However, it cannot replace that well established old fashion physical interaction


The major role that technology has in oral and written communication is truly undeniable. It has made the seemingly impossible, possible. With so many tools at your disposal, why not take advantage of them? Software writing & presentation tools like Jasper AI, Grammarly, Canva, Visme,, and the like can take your speechwriting, public speaking, and presentation skills to a new limit. 

Not only will you be presenting yourself in the best way possible, but your mind will also be at ease because your content will be delivered correctly. Try it out, you will be glad you did and so will all who listen to you! 

For more resources to develop your public speaking skills while you are in the comforts of your own home, please check out the article ‘Online Resources for Public Speaking‘. If you would like to leverage the best presentation software for your next big speaking engagement please read the article 'Best Presentation Technology tools'.


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