Virtual Presentation Skills Training: 10 Tips for Improving Your Presence

Virtual presentation skills training is absolutely key!

But Why?

Well, Virtual presenting is a growing trend in the business world. More and more virtual meetings are taking place where participants communicate remotely, often through virtual meeting software or virtual conferencing tools. Virtual presenters face many challenges: they must be able to establish trust with their audience and maintain eye contact without appearing as if they're staring at a screen; surely it's harder to use props or gestures to help convey meaning, and virtual presentations rarely include live demonstrations.

Fortunately, there are steps that virtual presenters can take to improve their presence by using online training courses, practicing before each virtual presentation, and following these 10 tips for success!

Tip #01: Make sure you are well-prepared

One of the most important things a virtual presenter can do is to be well-prepared for the meeting. This means doing your homework ahead of time and studying the materials that will be covered in the presentation. It also means being familiar with your slides and knowing exactly what you will say on each slide.

Being well-prepared will also mean you have the right lighting so that you will be visible to all participants and/or making sure you have the right background to enhance your professional image

Tip #02: Ensure the technology is working before the beginning of a virtual presentation

One of the most frustrating things about giving a virtual presentation is having technical difficulties or finding that there was an error in the webinar link shared ahead of time. Make sure to test all of your technology ahead of time, including your computer, microphone, and internet connection.

Tip #03: Dress for success

Just because you are giving a virtual presentation doesn’t mean you can dress casually. It is even more important to dress professionally when presenting virtually than when presenting in person. This will help to put you in the right mindset for giving your presentation.

Tip #04: Speak slowly and clearly

When speaking to a virtual audience, it is important to speak slowly so that they will be able to hear you properly over their microphone or computer speakers. It can also improve comprehension if you break longer sentences into shorter ones. Speaking clearly makes the information easier to digest.

Tip #05: Use good eye contact

Virtual Presentation skills training: Good Eye Contact

When speaking to an audience, it is important to keep your eyes on them rather than looking at the screen or papers in front of you. This will improve engagement and help them feel as though they are part of a real conversation with you instead of just listening through speakers or watching through a screen.

For more detail surrounding this topic, check out the article "9 Tips to Improve Eye Contact During a Presentation".

Pro Tip: Look Directly in the camera!

Tip #06: Use visual aids to improve engagement with your virtual audience

One of the challenges of giving a presentation virtually is that you are not able to engage physically in some way with each person, so using visual aids can help improve engagement and allow them to see what you are talking about more clearly. For example, you can use images, videos, or PowerPoint slides to supplement your presentation. 

This may require having more content in terms of visual aids, as attention spans aren't as cooperative during a virtual presentation. 

Tip #07: Maintain good posture

Just as in an in-person presentation, it is important to have good posture when giving a virtual presentation. This will help you appear more confident and make you seem like you are someone worth paying attention to.

Tip #08: Use emoticons sparingly

While it is okay to use emoticons in personal emails, they should be used sparingly when giving a virtual presentation. They can help to add some personality to your presentation but too many of them can be distracting.

Tip #09: Take advantage of the tools available to improve engagement

Many tools can improve engagement with your virtual audiences like polling, questions and answers sessions, screen sharing, or even asking for feedback at the end of your presentation. Be sure to take advantage of these during your next virtual meeting!

Tip #10: Make it interactive by adding a Q&A session

One way you can improve engagement with your virtual audience is to add a Q&A session at the end of your presentation. This will allow them to ask questions directly and get answers in real-time. You can also use this opportunity to clarify anything they may not have understood during the presentation.

Now that you know these tips, it’s time to start practicing for your next virtual presentation! By following these tips, you’ll be sure to improve your presence and engage with your audience more effectively.

Virtual Presentation Skills Training Through VirtualSpeech

If you are looking for a new way to practice your public speaking skills without the fear of embarrassment, without the pressure of an in-person audience, or just looking for virtual presentation skills training, VirtualSpeech is an excellent option. 

VirtualSpeech is a Virtual Reality Speech Training Program that allows you to practice your public speaking skills in a virtual environment. VirtualSpeech has many benefits including the ability to practice over and over again before giving your presentation, practicing with any type of background or venue, and unlimited amounts of time on stage - no matter how long it takes!

This platform also has virtual presentation skills training with a video presentation simulation for improving these skills which are in high demand!

VirtualSpeech also provides feedback after each performance so you can see what went well and what needs improvement. It also provides you with a Virtual Practice Room where you can interact and talk to other members of the Virtual Speech community.

Virtual speech is an excellent option that allows anyone, anywhere in the world to practice their public speaking skills without ever having to be in front of another human being! 

For more resources to develop your public speaking skills while you are in the comforts of your own home, take advantage of the many online resources. Please check out the article ‘Online Resources for Public Speaking‘ for a detailed review of some online resources for public speaking and please leave a comment below with tips you have for presenting virtually.


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