Why Are Some Projectors Not Recommended For PPT? [2022 Epic Review]

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When purchasing a projector, whether online or in-store, the description will state whether or not it is suitable for presentations.

Projector capabilities, including sizes and ranges, will always vary. Projectors with lower resolutions and brightness are not suitable for handling every projection. These projectors are in the mid-range price range and can still be used for PowerPoint presentations. However, if you require a higher-quality presentation, this projector may not be the best option.

This article will discuss why some projectors are not recommended for PowerPoint and the best projectors for it.

What Kind of Projectors Are Not Recommended For PowerPoint Presentations?

The most important thing to remember when labeling a projector as unsuitable for PowerPoint presentations is if it is in the low price range. The brightness and resolution of these projectors are lower. This makes dealing with the quality of PowerPoint presentations difficult. They are mostly used for movies and other similar purposes.

What Happens If You Use Them For PowerPoint Presentations?

Using low-cost projectors will cause you problems with brightness. You may need to turn off the lights or move to a more dimly lit area. Aside from that, you must close all the blinds to see all of the content of your PowerPoint presentation. Consider giving a presentation in an office; this may make you appear unprofessional.

That is why these projectors are not recommended for PowerPoint presentations because turning off the lights or moving to a darker location will impact what you are presenting. Furthermore, poor focus capability is a common issue with these projectors. The images will appear blurry no matter how hard you try to focus them, making reading the entire text difficult for some. In such cases, some audience members may prefer to look at your laptop's screen rather than the projector because it provides clearer text.

Although they are not recommended for office presentations, there is no doubt that they can display movies and pictures. They are capable of delivering the expected performance of mid-range projectors.

What Kind of Projector Do I Need For PowerPoint? (The Top 8)

After learning why low price ranged projectors are not recommended for PowerPoint presentations, let's look at what kind of projectors you'll need for a PowerPoint presentation. Here are the best projectors for PowerPoint if you want to show off your stunning presentation without limitations. 

1. ViewSonic M1 Plus

The ViewSonic M1 Plus is a palm-sized device with dimensions of 5.7 inches by 1.6 inches by 5 inches. This is one of the most affordable prices for a product with outstanding features. It's portable, has good connectivity, and has a great sound! It's a well-finished product with many appeals, and it's very portable, as the name implies. Because of its unique design, the projector can be propped up at any angle.

The ViewSonic M1 Plus also has led lights that produce 120 lumens, which is more than enough to project your PowerPoint presentation. The device includes dual 3 Watt Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers for sound, making it more convenient.

This projector has an internal storage capacity of 16 GB for your media files. Furthermore, the ViewSonic M1 plus includes a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to two and a half hours, so you won't have to worry about finishing your PowerPoint presentation.

2. YABER Y21

YABER Y21 enables you to easily navigate your PowerPoint presentations, slides, and movies. One of the best features of this projector is the ability to connect to other light sources to improve the presentation's quality. In general, this device produces images with a resolution of up to 1080p. Feel free to include media, such as videos and images, in your PowerPoint presentation!

It has two USB ports, two HDMI ports, and a PC and audio connector. These are seamlessly placed at the back of the projector for easy access while not making the projector appear complicated. It has knobs at the bottom of the projector to provide more angles and two rollers at the top half of the projector, one for focus and one for keystone.

The YABER Y21 is not as loud as other models, but it produces extremely clear images. This device can last up to four or five hours if you have more than one PowerPoint presentation in a day! Overall, the YABER Y21 portable projector provides good sound and image quality and is reasonably priced!

3. ViewSonic PX706HD

It is regarded as the best product that can provide you with the best projector experience while saving you money. It can produce high-quality images, and PowerPoint presentations, is simple to use, and is extremely affordable!

In terms of specifications, it has a brightness of 3,000 NSR lumens, 1.7 billion colors, and 10-bit colors. It has a dynamic contrast ratio of 22,000:1 and an optical zoom of 1.2. You can get around 15,000 hours in dynamic eco mode, 4,000 hours in normal lamp mode, and the projectors only have single 4-watt speakers. Still, it gets extra points for having 1x USB 3.1 type C to connect it to a mobile phone.

This may be the best option for smaller rooms because it does not require a lot of space to display properly. In 1080p, you can still project up to 300 massive inches. As a result, regardless of how large or small the room you are presenting in, you can still enjoy the ViewSonic PX706HD's features.

4. ViewSonic PA503S

The ViewSonic PA503S has an 800x600 resolution, a contrast ratio of 22,000:1, brightness lumens of 3,600, and a screen size of 30'-300'. This device is frequently used for gaming, watching movies, and delivering PowerPoint presentations. It has exceptional brightness, a long lamp life, and superior technology that can provide color accuracy!

Whether you use it in classrooms, meeting rooms, or home theaters, the vibrant color and images will make them seem more alive and real! You can freely adjust the brightness and display features to ensure that it is appropriate for the type of lighting you will use.

If you want an affordable projector with high projection quality, the ViewSonic PA503S is the best option.

5. QKK Mini

 If you want to make short presentations and videos, this QKK Mini projector is ideal. This is probably the most popular projector among professionals because it is lightweight and easy to transport. Don't worry about the battery; this projector comes with its own rechargeable battery pack. It has a 1920x1080 resolution, a contrast ratio of 2000:1, a brightness of 5,000, and a screen size of 32"-176".

Many professionals believe that the QKK Mini projector is the best choice if you frequently present PowerPoint or work from home. Aside from that, it is also appropriate if you want to watch movies at home in the same way that you would in a theater. It is long-lasting, user-friendly, and all of its benefits will benefit you in a variety of ways!

6. AAXA P7 Mini Projector

This projector is as small as 4.7 x 4.4 x 2.7 inches and weighs as little as 1 point. It fits easily into a briefcase or laptop bag. Despite its small size, it can provide you with many features! Its native 1080p HD resolution and DLP technology display can provide you with an exceptional video and picture experience.

The AAXA P7 Mini Projector has a traditional box shape, making it easily fit into small spaces. The AAXA P7 Mini Projector, like any other portable projector on the market, has a quick boot-up time because the bulbs do not have to heat up like standard-sized projectors. Furthermore, the built-in speaker is extremely loud, making it suitable for you if your PowerPoint presentation contains audio or other media.

7. Optoma GT1080HDR Projector

Optoma GT1080HDR Projector is an affordable option if you're looking for a portable projector that can be used for PowerPoint presentations anywhere. Even in small rooms with limited space, PowerPoint presentations look great! It weighs 7.70 pounds and has dimensions of 12.4 x 9.5 x 4.5 inches, making it easy to transport.

The lamp has a life expectancy of 15,000 hours and a brightness of 3,800 lumens. If you need to present media files such as video and images, this projector can do it in high quality. The projector also has VGA, USB, and HDMI inputs. Like the others mentioned above, this projector is also excellent for an audio speaker!

8. Optoma S334e

Optoma S334e is ideal for all types of presentations. Whether you need to give an educational, business, or training presentation, this device can assist you in making them more impressive. Without hiring any graphic designers for your presentation, this projector can let you save hundreds to thousands of dollars. There will never be any problem if you use high-quality graphics in your PowerPoint presentation. Its resolution is 800x600; contrast ratio is 22,000:1; brightness lumens is 3,800; and screen size is 28" -304"

This projector also has a long life span, making it more durable and less prone to wear and tear. Because selecting appropriate colors is vital in delivering an impressive PowerPoint presentation. The Optoma S334e can enhance these colors, especially during business presentations. With the best projector for PowerPoint presentations, you can deliver your messages effectively and without difficulty!


As previously stated, selecting the appropriate projectors for PowerPoint presentations is a significant factor. Delivering a good presentation entails how you convey the message verbally and how you present your visually appealing presentation. If you're still looking for the best projector for a PowerPoint presentation, use this article as a guide to finding the best projectors on Amazon!

For more resources to develop your public speaking skills while you are in the comforts of your own home, please check the Online Resources for Public Speaking. Now that you know what kind of projector you need for PowerPoint, read this article to find out Which laptop is best for PowerPoint.

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